Strong Art Creations

Art & Jewelry

We are all soul at our core. A little love mixed with a lot of patience and tolerance of our differences could lead us all to harmony.
— Charlotte Strong

About Me

I am an artist and a psychotherapist. I have a full time practice. I create art at night and on weekends. Art is my meditation and spiritual practice. It's also my therapy. My art is intuitive. I love to learn new things. I'm always studying. I research and study to improve my practice and to improve my art. My two rescue dogs, Sisko and Dax, are my muses. Their phenomenal spirit is a constant source of inspiration. I live in the mountains in California.  I have written a film script. But that is another story.

I am self taught as an artist. I have logged thousands of hours studying the form and practice of brush stroke, paint formulary, and the archival nature of art. I strive to ensure that all of my creations are archival and will stand the test of time.

Style & Quality

I work with encaustics, acrylics, resin and oils in my canvas work.

Most of my work is abstract. I have completed a portrait and a few landscape pieces.

Customers and friends tell me that my art is meditative for them. Many choose to look for the images that reveal themselves, in the abstract pieces. Others focus on the words, of comfort or growth and healing, written in the art.

I use professional quality paints, pigments, resins, and products in my work. I make my own encaustic mediums. 


Handmade Art Jewelry

My jewelry is handmade. I call it art jewelry because most of my pieces incorporate some pigments, oil paints or micas in them.

I started making pendants as a way to extend the use of the resin in my art pieces. I quickly became enthralled with it. It's another canvas. It's a tiny canvas. Now, I have pendants and canvas both being worked on in unison. I like the process of going back and forth between canvas and pendant.

My book is available on Amazon.