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Art Show

Art Show

I am an artist and a psychotherapist. I have a full-time practice. I create art at night and on weekends. I am self-taught as an artist. I have logged thousands of hours studying the form and practice of brush stroke, paint formulary, and the archival nature of art. I strive to ensure that all of my creations are archival and will stand the test of time. I work in multiple mediums. I work with encaustics, acrylics, resin and oils in my canvas work. Most of my work is abstract. I have completed a portrait and a few landscape pieces. I use professional quality paints, pigments, resins, and products in my work. I have written a screenplay, but that is another story.


My book “Painting With Epoxy Resin: Tips, Techniques and Troubleshooting” is now available on Amazon. I am grateful that so many people are interested in my book. People from all over the world have reached out to me about the book, and to ask questions about how I use resin.

There is an intuitive process in what I do as an artist. I go into the studio and choose my materials and allow the art to be expressed through me. I interpret what I have done afterwards. I often paint words in my art. I write poetry. I add pieces of poetry, or sometimes a whole stanza to an art piece. A common theme in the art that I do is overcoming and breaking through. Trees are common theme in my work. For me, they stand for strength, connection, and giving life to a new path. There is something fascinating about trees. So, I keep painting them.


I got started in resin many years ago. I am always looking for a new art technique to try. It was inevitable that I would try resin. I’m always researching art techniques. Soon, I was looking for a way to use the leftover resin mix. I found that making jewelry was a natural addition. I like to say that the jewelry bezel is a tiny canvas. So now I have both going as I paint. I never intended to become a jewelry maker. But you go where the art takes you.


I like to paint with resin because it is a lesson in patience and going with the flow. When using it mixed with pigments, it often has a life of it’s on. It moves and flows in the way it wants. It teaches me to let go of expectations and go with the flow. You can’t control resin the way you can other mediums. You can choose the pigments and canvas, but you can’t always put the pigments and paints in the exact spot you want them to be on the canvas. Resin flows and moves. You can plan what you want to do for a piece and sometimes it turns out the way you plan, but sometimes not. Sometimes it turns out so much better than you expected. Because of the way it moves and flows, you have to be open to the unexpected when painting with resin. Allow it to do what it does. Go with the flow.


I use resin mixed with paint and pigments to create abstract art on canvas, to cover and coat completed paintings, to create dimensional art on canvas and to create jewelry.


I love using Art resin to cover my completed paintings. Especially my oil paintings. There is something incredible about taking a classic oil painting and covering it with a modern technique, like resin. I love the way it looks. Art resin takes it up a notch. It takes a classic and turns it into something modern and new. Art resin is so clear and non-yellowing. It brings out the bright colors of the artwork.

“Three Trees” Art Resin Covered Oil Painting. (12”x12” 31cmx31cm)

“2 Become 1”

Art Resin Covered Oil Painting

(8”x10” 20cmx25cm)

“2 Become 1”  Art Resin Covered Oil Painting  (8”x10” 20cmx25cm)

“2 Become 1”

Art Resin Covered Oil Painting

(8”x10” 20cmx25cm)

Mirrors of the Mind

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One of my art pieces and three of my jewelry pieces were chosen for Mirrors of the Mind: Psychotherapist As Artist. A juried art show in Santa Monica. Details below.

You are cordially

       Invited to attend

Mirrors of the Mind 7:

 The Psychotherapist

           as Artist                   


A juried exhibition of visual arts

Created by psychologists, psychotherapists and students


This event is sponsored by the

Los Angeles County Psychological Association’s

 Community Outreach Committee


            Exhibition Dates: November 21 – December 1, 2018

RECEPTION, November 24, 2018

Saturday, 6:00 to 9:00 PM

           Santa Monica Art Studios, South Hanger

                    3026 Airport Avenue, Santa Monica, CA  90405

                                              AMPLE PARKING ADJACENT TO THE GALLERY


                            Poetry Reading

Live Music

                                                      Light Refreshments


Entrance Fee, $10

Food Truck and No-Host Bar



            JURORS: Robert Bilder, PhD, Rebecca Catterall

                   CURATOR: Terry Marks-Tarlow, PhD   CO- CURATOR: Pamela McCrory, PhD

        QUESTIONS: Contact Terry Marks-Tarlow, PhD,    


                          Gallery hours, Nov 21 -Dec 1, free to public

                              Wed to Sat (Thanksgiving excluded), 12 – 6 pm


                                 Sponsorships Available:


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I have finally published the book I have been working on. It’s filled with pictures and information. There is so much in this book.  Safety; mixing; painting for cells; using pigment powders; troubleshooting; pricing art; photographing resin; and more. Check it out. The kindle version is coming soon. I am reformatting it for kindle.  

This is What I am working on

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I'm calling it I Have Traveled Through Your Tree. I am getting a lot out of doing words in art pieces. The writing is on the tree people. It reads: I've traveled through the darkness of your mind. Met the monster you say lives down inside. All I found was a scared little boy, asking to be heard. To be loved. I know all about the cuts that left you bleeding. Sometimes pain can be misleading. If you think that makes you unworthy. . . Think again. I've traveled through the darkness of your tree, and I see only light reaching out to me. You say monster. . . I see angel, savior, grace. For you, nothing but love upon my face. You entered hell, not by your own choosing, and did not become the devil you think. It is time to make this link. Your grace is alive and well within. I have traveled through your tree.

I still have more work to do before it's finished.

Tree People